The app at this hotel is always open

 The app at this hotel is always open in the coldest temperature. Let us arrive and feel that hey, why does it have to be turned off at 20 or that the air conditioner is not cold enough, for me, I only like the air conditioner temperature at 25 degrees? I like that I have to turn on the air conditioner to be cold to 20 degrees. Live times, we will see that the air conditioner is turned on like the coldest here. If we turn on the coldest air conditioner, will it have a negative effect on our air conditioner? No, it doesn"t have any negative effects, but I think that when we turn on the power, the coldest temperature, it would have some negative effect on the use, making the use of it shorter or not. I"m not sure, but I think so.


Post by นายเองหรือ :: Date 2021-08-30 23:51:57

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